There are many methods of cleaning soft furnishings and hard surfaces. Many of these systems Cleansafe Solutions Ltd employ, dependant on the types of fibres, fabrics and surfaces we are asked to clean.

The most popular professional cleaning system is known as Hot Water Extraction. Please note that this is not a type of steam system as can often be mistaken for. During the cleaning process, temperatures are normally kept at around 40 degrees C, especially when dealing with natural fibres, thereby removing the risk of damage that can occur when using higher temperatures, which many other cleaning companies systems use.

Carpets, upholstery etc are pre-treated with our advanced eco-friendly pre-sprays which breaks down soil bonding. Warm water is then used to rinse and extract the released dirt and soil. As Cleansafe Solutions Ltd to not use detergents or shampoos at any stage of the cleaning process there are no soil attracting residues left behind. Our environmentally friendly solutions simply bio-degrade and leave no soil or dirt attracting residues, therefore allowing a longer duration between professional cleans. So in the medium to long term proving cost effective to our customers.

Drying times will vary dependant on types of fibre content, fabric type or surface cleaned. Similarly, drying times will be dictated by the level of soiling and hence the amount of water that is required.

Cleansafe Solutions Ltd are committed to evolving with nature and thus are committed to safe environmentally cleaning practice and solutions. Although this is not always possible, due to the vast array of surfaces and stain types we clean, we are making great strides to ensure that one day it will be!

With the continuous advancement in cleaning technologies the way in which home furnishings and hard surfaces should be cleaned has unfortunately been ignored by many cleaning companies. Many still use detergents and shampoos that leave residues behind causing rapid re-soiling.

Cleansafe Solutions Ltd Ethos has to always evolve with advancement and technology in its own field of cleaning and we have always been true to our word.

Our environmentally friendly cleaning solutions are the result of latest developments in micro splitting nano-technology, which give superb results and simply bio-degrade leaving no residue attracting residues behind in your furnishings or on your hard surfaces. That means cleaner longer!

There are other notable benefits of this latest technology. Because the solutions work at a molecular level they remove house and dust mites, safely eliminate viruses, harmful bacteria, mould spores and harmful allergy triggering proteins. Hence, your indoor air quality is vastly improved!

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