Read Our Top Tips on Why Your Carpets Need to Be Cleaned on a Regular Basis

We all agree that carpets need to be vacuumed on a regular basis. Carpets that aren’t hoovered start to look unsightly pretty quickly, but why go the extra step and get your carpets professionally cleaned?

One of the most important reasons for getting the carpets in your home thoroughly cleaned once or twice a year is with regards to the harmful bacteria and allergens that can build up in them. Having carpets in your home that are regularly walked on by people that have been outside means that foreign bodies can easily find their way deep into the carpet pile, where routine vacuuming will have little impact. Up to eighty-five percent of the dirt in a carpet is hidden beneath the surface. We all want to maintain a healthy environment in our homes, and getting your carpets professionally cleaned is a big part of this. Read more

Here at CleanSafe Solutions We Have Had a Great Start to 2015

With the expansion of the company we wanted our new website to reflect the professionalism, attention to detail and flexibility offered to our to clients. The Cleansafe Group of companies has actually been established for over 15 years.

As a family business we have naturally evolved from simply carpet and upholstery cleaning company to a comprehensive multi-surface cleaning, restoration and specialist sealing company. Moving away from using conventional detergents and chemicals to sourcing environmentally friendlier solutions at no loss of quality or service to our customers! Read more

CleanSafe Solutions Have Helped Many Businesses Throughout the Midlands with Their Commercial Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

As a business owner you want your customers to come back time and time again and recommend you to their family and friends. We all know that when we meet new people first impressions are absolutely crucial and are often hard to shake.

The same logic applies to your business. When new clients enter your premises you don’t want to be let down by the state of your carpets and upholstery, because it can have a lasting effect on how the customer views the service you provide for them. Cleansafe Solutions offer all the services your business needs to make a great first impression, leaving the rest down to you. Read more

CleanSafe Solutions Offer Brand New Curtain Cleaning to Their List of Professional Services

After many years of helping customers throughout the Midlands we are proud to announce our new professional curtain cleaning service. Using a combination of steam/hot water extraction and the latest fabric-friendly commercial grade detergents, we can offer an impressive curtain cleaning service that not only makes your curtains look great, but also helps with the respiratory health of those in your home or workplace.

When choosing Cleansafe you are choosing minimum disruption to your home as we can cater to most cleaning needs. You won’t have to put up with tradesmen traipsing through your home, just one company that you know you can trust. Read more

Welcome to our new website

Take a look around our new and improved website! It is mobile friendly so you can view our services on the go with your smart phone and tablet devices!