Weather and Carpet Cleaning Schedules

How Weather Can Impact Your Carpet Cleaning Schedules

Quite a curious topic for a blog post isn’t it? Well, looking at the current erratic weather patterns of West Midlands, we thought it would be an appropriate topic for the time. The weather is really playing the sweet and sour game with all of us here. So, let’s take some time out to educate ourselves on how weather can impact the carpets that adorn our floors. There is a direct correlation between weather and carpet cleaning schedules as well. Therefore, in this post, we would also be taking note of the impact that weather has on scheduling your carpet cleaning regime.

They say “make hay while the sun shines”. The same concept can be applied for getting your carpets cleaned. The reason we have mentioned a proverb here to keep our point is that by virtue of our professional experience, we can say that dry climates are more suited to getting your carpets cleaned. However, it’s also wise to get your carpet checked by the experts during humid times. Humidity can wreak havoc on your carpet.

For starters, please remember that dirt and water go together, so during the humid weather it’s not just the dirt damaging your carpet. It’s a mix of dirt and water that is seeping into your carpet. We are sure you must have noticed that damp and awful smell that comes from wet carpets and that’s the courtesy of the rain gods.

It’s not just the smell that you have to be worried about. Damp carpets are home to bacteria, molds, and fleas. They thrive in such a warm and moist environment. That’s a clear health hazard there, and it is something that you should be really worried about.

Apart from health hazards, humid weather can do some really serious damage to your carpet. Humidity can make your installed carpets buckle.

So now the question is what could be done to reduce the trouble?

The first thing to do is to schedule an appointment with a professional carpet cleaner. You have to get that carpet cleaned before it’s too late. Professional carpet cleaning will ensure that you have a clean and hygienic carpet and none of your family members are exposed to any sort of biological hazards.

Secondly, you need to take some preventive measures during humid times. Ensure that you have devices installed in your home to control humidity. Maintain in-house humidity levels between 40% & 50%, anything less will be too dry and anything more will be too damp.

Now that’s for the humid days, what should be done on the dry days?

During dry days, it’s a good idea to let some air in the house. This will allow the carpet to dry naturally and will also be much healthier for you. If the temperature fluctuates a lot, set your thermostats to maintain a constant temperature inside the home. Use fans to keep indoor humidity at bay. It will save you a lot of trouble and probably money. Always remember prevention is better than cure.

We sincerely hope that our blog post would have helped you gain some insights into scheduling your next carpet cleaning appointment. In case you have further queries on this topic, feel free to give us a call on 0800 3287595.