Curtain Cleaning

We use some of the best chemical solutions available to our industry. Most of our chemicals are chosen for their effectiveness whilst also keeping environmental concerns in mind so eco friendly cleaning is a part of our service.

This really depends on the job. In most cases we will be able to move a few items of light furniture out of the way whilst we clean. If there are many large items of furniture that require moving – there will be a small surcharge added to the bill.

Yes please get in touch for more information about the deep cleaning system we use and prices for this service.

No, we are comfortable with cleaning all manner of delicate furniture and fabrics without damage. Our techniques are all tried and tested.

No, our cleaning methods are safe and gentle, they should not affect the colour of your curtains.

Most curtain cleaning work can be completed in a few hours. For extremely large buildings with a number of different rooms it can take a little longer.

Yes, in the vast majority of cases we really can clean curtains without removing them from the window.

Absolutely not, all cleaning solutions we use are 100% for use around the whole family.

This varies, but generally your curtains will be dry within a couple of hours.

Yes, we can clean all varieties of curtains, including lined and double layered curtains.