Upholstery Cleaning

This depends on lots of factors such as the density of the upholstery fibres being cleaned, the ambient temperature and air humidity, and air flow throughout the premises. Unlike many companies using underpowered equipment, our vacuum machine has the suction to get your upholstery almost dry after cleaning. We will recommend several ways to speed up the final drying stage, but with the heating on and some windows open, most of our customer’s upholstery are usually dry within an hour of us leaving. If for any reason we anticipate the drying process to take slightly linger (in unheated or unventilated rooms) we will speed up the drying process with high powered fans and air movers.

Yes please get in touch for more information about the deep cleaning system we use and prices for this service.

We use some of the best chemical solutions available to our industry. Most of our chemicals are chosen for their effectiveness whilst also keeping environmental concerns in mind so eco friendly cleaning is a part of our service.

This really depends on the job. In most cases we will be able to move a few items of light furniture out of the way whilst we clean. If there are many large items of furniture that require moving – there will be a small surcharge added to the bill.

Absolutely, we would be happy to, simply let us know what you would like doing.

We can clean most sofas within a couple of hours.

Yes, we can, we offer our services for every type of upholstery.

Yes we can, we’re also happy to offer advice on how to keep your freshly cleaned upholstery fresher for longer.

No, unfortunately we are not able to offer this service.

We may be able to repair small or minor damage, but we do not generally offer repair services for upholstery, only restoration and cleaning.