CleanSafe Solutions Have Helped Many Businesses Throughout the Midlands with Their Commercial Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

As a business owner you want your customers to come back time and time again and recommend you to their family and friends. We all know that when we meet new people first impressions are absolutely crucial and are often hard to shake.

The same logic applies to your business. When new clients enter your premises you don’t want to be let down by the state of your carpets and upholstery, because it can have a lasting effect on how the customer views the service you provide for them. Cleansafe Solutions offer all the services your business needs to make a great first impression, leaving the rest down to you.

We have all the training and experience necessary to give you a service tailored to the specific needs of your workplace. The technique we use most often is known as Hot Water Extraction carpet cleaning, where water is used at high pressures to clean deep into the pile of the carpet and deep into the fibres of upholstery, removing harmful bacteria and allergens. This technique also allows for fast drying times, which makes for less disruption to your business.

Our environmentally friendly upholstery and carpet cleaning service in Birmingham uses solutions that bio-degrade and leave no soil or dirt attracting residues, therefore allowing a longer duration between professional cleans. This adds to the cost-effectiveness of our services and vastly extends the lifespan of your valuable carpeted floors.

With a free, no-obligation quote available, there’s no excuse not to contact Cleansafe Solutions today and find out how we can help you to improve the first impression you make with your business! We can offer a solution to every clean!

Cleansafe Solutions naturally evolved from being just a carpet and upholstery cleaning company to a comprehensive multi-surface cleaning, restoration and sealing specialist company.