CleanSafe Solutions Offer Brand New Curtain Cleaning to Their List of Professional Services

After many years of helping customers throughout the Midlands we are proud to announce our new professional curtain cleaning service. Using a combination of steam/hot water extraction and the latest fabric-friendly commercial grade detergents, we can offer an impressive curtain cleaning service that not only makes your curtains look great, but also helps with the respiratory health of those in your home or workplace.

When choosing Cleansafe you are choosing minimum disruption to your home as we can cater to most cleaning needs. You won’t have to put up with tradesmen traipsing through your home, just one company that you know you can trust.

When it comes to curtains, we offer an excellent service that will minimise the disruption to your home even further! We are able to clean them in-situ, while they are still hanging. This technique is just as effective as dry cleaning in terms of how clean the curtains are when the job is done, but the fact that you don’t have to take them down and re-hang them will save you time and effort. Furthermore, you don’t have the temporary loss of privacy that comes with having no curtains in your living room or bedroom!

The in-situ method also guarantees no shrinkage, which is something that many local dry cleaners are not able to offer. First the curtains are thoroughly vacuumed and then they are treated with an appropriate micro-splitter. This is then agitated and extracted, leaving the curtains looking as good as new, regardless of fabric type.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want further information about our curtain cleaning services in Birmingham or any of the other services we offer at Cleansafe Solutions. We will be happy to lend some friendly advice and a free, no-obligation quote.