This customer was a recommendation from Treadwells furniture and carpet designers in Shirley, who we have worked for for over 15 years. When we first spoke to her she was very upset, she had just had new carpets fitted for Christmas and her husband had accidentally knocked a glass of red wine over in the lounge. Sound familiar, why always on new carpets? Anyhow, the customer wanted the stain removed as soon as possible and also her leather suite cleaned and re-protected.

We agreed a date and time to take a look and during the quotation stage it transpired that the carpets, albeit 80 percent wool and 20 percent nylon had not been stain protected. Some carpets come already treated, but sadly in this case they had not. The customer decided that if we could get the red wine out of the carpet, she wanted all the new carpets stain protected. A date and time was agreed to come back and do the work.

On the day of cleaning the first thing that we did was to test a spare piece of carpet with the appropriate red wine remover to ensure there would be no colour alteration. This was left to dwell for 5 minutes and then rinsed through with freshwater and dried using a hair dryer on low heat. Excellent, no change in the carpets appearance. The same process was carried out on the red wine stain, using the same product, which is called ‘ban rouge’, again the product was left to dwell and rinsed through and then dried. All the staining was removed and because the customer had not scrubbed at the stain and only blotted as you should do, you could not see any markings at all.

The next part of the job was to clean, condition and protect the leather suite. All area’s were firstly vacuumed to remove loose particles and soiling and then the leather in sections was cleaned using clean cloths and Chemspec ‘Leather Cleaner & Conditioner’, the excess was then towelled off using a clean towel. This process was carried out in sections across the whole of the leather sofa’s. Once dry the leather suite was treated with Furniture Clinic ‘Leather Protection Cream’, this not only adds barrier protection technology, but feeds, protects, nourishes and reinstates the leather aroma.

Final part of the work was to stain protect the relevant carpets, as much furniture was moved out of the rooms as possible and all carpets vacuumed, where the stain protection was applied and furniture moved back, foil protection pads were put down between the damp carpet and furniture. The protection was applied using a pressure sprayer. It takes approximately 4 hours to dry and cure and stain repellancy will last up to 5 years.

If your Carpets and Leather Sofa’s need professional cleaning and stain protecting, then please contact Cleansafe Solutions for a no obligation quotation.