Mr Chopra had, had a leak in his bathroom from the shower, he was working away at the time and the leaking shower was left unattended for 3 days. The main area of damage was immediately below in the lounge where the carpets were completely wet through and also one of the leather sofa’s had some water soiling to it.

Cleansafe Solutions remit was to deep clean both the appropriate carpets and the leather sofa as although dry at this stage had water marks and also smelt a little musty, and to finish off by stain protecting all items.

Cleansafe Solutions used a hot wet extraction system to clean the carpets, using in the freshwater tank ‘Prochem Crystal Green’ and ‘Prochem Cherry Deodouriser’. The carpets were deep cleaned to ensure all soiling was removed and that all carpet fibres were washed through with the deodouriser. Once all fully cleaned our powerful carpet dryer was employed on to the carpet to dry it before stain protecting.

Whist the carpet was drying, Cleansafe Solutions set to the task of trying to restore one of the leather sofa’s that had been affected by the leak. The leather sofa was firstly vacuumed and then treated with ‘Chemspec Leather Cleaner and Conditioner’ applying with the appropriate applicator and then wiped dry with a clean towel. All the marks were removed and the leather sofa looked almost as good as new.

After about 1 hour the carpet in the lounge area was dry, with all equipment safely put away, the last part of the job was to stain protect the carpet. Carefully moving furniture around and putting foil barriers between furniture and carpet the stain protector was applied via a pressure sprayer. This requires approximately 4 hours to dry before it can be walked on.

If Your Carpets and Leather Sofa’s need professional Cleaning and Stain Protecting and Deodourising, then please contact Cleansafe Solutions to arrange a no obligation quotation.