Mrs Newman is one of Cleansafe Solutions existing customers, who lives in the village of Knowle. She telephoned us to see if we could urgently fit her in to have four carpets cleaned as in the one bedroom she was having a new bed delivered and also the upholstery in the snug room before the Christmas tree went up. Although very busy, we always try to fit customers in where possible. In this case the customer agreed that we could get there early Saturday morning to carry out the work.

We cleaned the carpets first as it was important that they were dry for later in the day where as the sofa’s and chairs could be shut away in the lounge for the day and night. A hot wet extraction system was employed on the carpets using various hoses and carpet wand. As two of the carpets were on the third floor of the house, great care was taken to ensure the water injection pipe and the waste water pipe were lowered down, through the stair banisters to the machine that was left outside. There was general dirt staining on the lounge and study carpets, these were pre- treated with ‘Cleansafe Solutions Micro Splitter’. The rest of the carpets were pre-treated with a Prochem traffic lane cleaner and left to dwell for five minutes and then extracted using the machine and carpet wand. As the customer had a dog, she also wanted the carpet de-odourised and treated with a anti bacterial treatment, this treatment is put into the fresh water tank of the machine with the cleaning solutions.

Once all the carpets were cleaned it was time to clean the upholstery, the same machine left outside is used, albeit at a lower water pressure. The carpet wand is replaced with a hand held upholstery tool. Small sections of the upholstery are cleaned at a time, so for example a seat cushion is sprayed with an appropriate upholstery cleaner, brushed in and agitated with an upholstery brush and then washed through and extracted with the hand tool. On average a 3 peace suite takes between 2 and 3 hours to clean, once cleaned the upholstery was treated with ‘Chemspec’ stain protector. Cleansafe Solutions always advise that whether the suite is cleaned in the morning or the evening that it be left over night to ensure it is properly dry, before normal use.

Mrs Newman ‘Thank you again for fitting us in at our convienence’

If your carpets or upholstery need professional and stain protecting, then please contact us and we will be happy to arrange a quotation.