Mr Zmatlo is an existing customer of Cleansafe Solutions and needed all of the carpets in his home deep cleaned and stain protected, primarily because he has young children, who love to spill things. Mr Zmatlo had only one slot available for us to go and carry out the work, this being a particular Sunday. Cleansafe Solutions are very flexible with customers needs and hence we were more than happy to clean the customers carpets on the Sunday he required.

We met the customer at the house, he let us in and then popped out to Solihull, Touchwood with his family to do some Christmas Shopping. We agreed with the customer that we would text when approximately 45 minutes from finishing.

The carpets were what we would call a 80/20 carpet, this meaning the make up of the fibres are 80 percent wool and 20 percent man made fibres. As we have cleaned the customers carpets many times, we knew what technique and products to use. We used a hot water extraction system, which is a large powerful machine that is left outside the customers home with pipes running into the house, which provide water injection and water extraction. ‘Prochem Crystal Green’ carpet cleaner was used in the freshwater tank and using the carpet floor wand each carpet was pre-treated with the cleaning solution and left to dwell for a few minutes. The carpet was then cleaned via the wand and machine, with stubborn stains treated with relevant solutions, such as tea stains and red wine stains etc.

When each room was finished the carpet was treated with ‘Chemspec’ carpet protector, to make it less absorbent to stains, spillages and general soiling, this was then raked into the carpet using a carpet brush to ensure even and deep coverage.

Because Mr Zmatlo had small children, in fact one was only crawling, once we had packed away all of our equipment we employed our carpet dryer to ensure the carpets were dry when the customer came home.

Mr Zmatlo ‘Thank you Paul for being so understanding and flexible’


If you need your carpets professionally cleaned, then please contact us and we will be happy to arrange for a quotation.