Cleansafe Solutions Ltd was established on 22nd February 1999. Since then, the company has evolved from a solely carpet and upholstery cleaning business, to a multi-surface cleaning, restoration and specialist sealing company.

These days, we offer a complete range of services throughout Birmingham, the West Midlands and all surrounding areas. Whatever specialist cleaning you or your business requires, we’re almost certain to have a solution that will work. Some of our most popular services are detailed below, but if you can’t see something that addresses your needs don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Domestic carpet cleaning

After many years of testing all of the options on the market, we have established an environmentally friendly carpet cleaning technique that produces outstanding results. Our products breakdown smells, bacteria and marks on a molecular level, meaning our customers benefit from hygienic and health carpets which are completely safe for infants, pets and adults. We avoid any harsh or corrosive cleaning chemicals, so no matter how worn out the carpet is our work will stay free of toxins and the whole family will enjoy your rejuvenated carpets.

Commercial carpet cleaning

Our industry-leading environmentally friendly carpet cleaning services are available to business customers throughout the West Midlands. Over the years we’ve worked with offices, theatres, conference halls, schools, museums and more, providing each with efficient and effective carpet cleaning solutions at convenient times so as not to disrupt the daily operation of the businesses. Our top tier cleaning equipment cleans carpets quickly and effectively, avoiding unnecessary downtime for the businesses we work with.

Leather cleaning

Leather furniture reflects a significant investment for any home or business. It offers a timeless and classy appearance, but must be maintained properly or else it will quickly begin to look worn. We’ve sampled a huge variety of leather cleaning products and tested a number of techniques to arrive at a workflow which we are confident produces the best leather cleaning results at excellent value. Don’t put up with dull, worn or cracked leather, let us restore it so you can spend more time enjoying it.

Upholstery cleaning

Household and office furniture gets a lot of use. So much so that it’s easy to become blind to the regular wear and tear that it tends to accumulate. Not only that, but with children and pets around they can pick up smells and other unpleasant bits and pieces too, which is why it’s vital to have them cleaned properly every now and then. Our professional upholstery cleaning service not only restores your upholstery to a beautifully clean state, it eliminates any mites and bacterial build up, ensuring your furniture stay fresh, hygienic and safe for the whole family.

Curtain cleaning

One of the problems with traditional curtain cleaning is that the curtains need to be removed, then need to be left to dry. Often this means homes and business have to go without curtains for at least a couple of days. We have devised a curtain cleaning system that allows us to provide effective cleaning without even removing the curtains from their hangers. Don’t think that this means any less of a clean though, you’ll still get a full wash and extraction, only this time with no shrinkage and no downtime.

Wood floor cleaning

Wood floors require diverse restoration and cleaning techniques depending on the type of wood and the desired finish. We provide a range of treatments for wood floors so you can be sure that whatever condition yours is in, we’ll be able to improve it substantially. We can clean, polish, strip and seal wood; an all round approach than ensures we can make a difference on even the most battered old wooden flooring. What’s more, it’s always tailored to our client’s unique installation, meaning we take the time to identify the type of wood we’re working with in order to choose the products which will deliver the most attractive finish.

Tile & Stone cleaning

Our sister company, Tile & Stone Medic, provide comprehensive restoration solutions for tile and natural stone floors. Much like wooden floors, each different type of tile and natural stone used in homes or businesses has unique and specific maintenance requirements in order to get the longest lifespan and best appearance from it. We are fully versed in all of these, meaning our tile and stone restoration solutions offer unbeatable value for money.

Our services are diverse, from cleaning soft furnishings to stripping, cleaning, restoring and resealing natural stone floors, cleaning and resealing wet rooms (bathrooms etc), to restoring wooden floors without the need to sand. Our other services cover external surfaces such as drive and patio cleaning and re-pointing where necessary, graffiti removal, gum removal and the list goes on.

Carpet, upholstery, curtain and hard floor cleaning Enquiries

We understand you may not be sure where to start when getting help with cleaning carpets, upholstery, curtains, hard floors, tiled floorings and wood or artifical floor surfaces. Don’t give up! We are your local professional carpet & upholstery cleaning and floor care specialist restoration service provider, so contact us today for expert advice and tips from our friendly operators