Cleansafe Solutions Ltd provide professional hot water extraction carpet cleaning services to businesses across Birmingham and the West Midlands. Companies across the region rely on us for a professional service every time.

Our commercial carpet cleaning service is available to customers throughout Birmingham, Solihull, the West Midlands and all other surrounding areas. Our industry leading equipment makes us the perfect choice for businesses which need professional carpet cleaning results quickly. Our customers include offices, theatres, cafés, bars, restaurants, event spaces, museums and other public and private buildings.

Why choose Cleansafe Solutions for commercial carpet cleaning

At Cleansafe, we’ve had the pleasure of working with a huge number of businesses over the years. We’ve come to understand a great deal about what businesses look for in a carpet cleaning service and honed our approach to provide exactly that. It’s often the little things that make the difference. Our polite and punctual carpet technicians arrive at the agreed time and complete their work on schedule. When the work is completed, we clean up properly after ourselves, leaving no rubbish or equipment behind. It sounds simple, but a lot of companies slip up on this.

Health and Safety

Working in a public space or commercial environment often needs to adhere to strict health and safety requirements and we always follow these to the letter. Where required, we’ll wear suitable high visibility clothing and display signage informing people that cleaning is taking place. We’ll follow proper sign in and out procedures for secure buildings and any entrance and access credentials will be safe with our team.

Keeping businesses moving without inconvenience

We understand that businesses need to keep moving, so we use equipment that is both quick and effective. Our gear means we can complete work promptly but without cutting corners, minimising any possible downtime for your business. We’re often not able to access commercial buildings during regular office hours as these are peak times and the businesses are simply too busy to accommodate carpet cleaning equipment. This is absolutely no problem, have a chat with the team and we’ll work out the best time to arrange access so as not to disrupt the daily running of the business.

Eco Friendly Business Carpet Cleaning Birmingham

Cleansafe Solutions Ltd have always been committed to using the most advanced environmentally-friendly products available where possible. We do not sell ourselves as ‘the organic cleaning company’ or jump on the bandwagon of being able to resolve all ‘the green’ issues of the world. We simply use these products because they work so well and at the same time are extremely safe to use.

Extensive research has led to the development of enviro-friendly products that actually outperform conventional chemical detergents and environmentally damaging solvents.

  • We have removed the need for harmful chemicals and pesticides to remove house and dust mites.
  • Our various systems and methods do not require fibre damaging high temperatures like so many other cleaning companies.
  • Our products work at at molecular level, physically destroying soiling, odours, house and dust mites.
  • It also safely eliminates viruses such as MRSA, fungal spores, harmful bacteria and breaks down allergy triggering proteins. All without the need for harsh chemicals or aggressive cleaning!
  • Once the process is dry, it biodegrades and is undetectable. leaving no dirt attracting residues behind that is found when shampoo or detergents are used. Hence, cleaner for longer and therefore more cost effective.
  • You can be confident that our cleaning system will create a clean, healthy environment whilst achieving outstanding results that will last!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the chemicals we use are safe for domestic use and will not put you children or pets at any risk.

Category: Carpet Cleaning

For domestic carpets, we find once or twice a year to be sufficient. Homeowners with pets or young children may prefer slightly more frequent cleaning.

Yes, we provide cleaning services for all types of carpet.

Category: Carpet Cleaning

We generally do not carry out repairs to carpets, but if the damaged area is small or minor we may be able to help.

No, our cleaning solutions are perfectly safe and will not introduce hazardous chemicals to your home.

Category: Carpet Cleaning

We can’t always guarantee to completely remove a stain, we don’t want to make false promises in that regard, but experience has taught us that in the vast majority of cases we can indeed remove stubborn stains from our customers’ carpets or at the very least drastically reduce how noticeable it is, meaning the carpet does not need to be replaced. If you are concerned about a particularly bad stain, get in touch to discuss your specific need.

Category: Carpet Cleaning

This depends on the condition of the carpet and how much cleaning is required. For most domestic customers, work can be completed on a single day.

Category: Carpet Cleaning

You will be amazed at the results of our service, as we use the best equipment and extensive training to deliver an outstanding cleaning service every time. Although we are highly trained in spot stain removal, there can be stains that are permanent, and we will do our best to identify these and warn you before hand. But in general, most of our customers are impressed by the effectiveness of our cleaning.

This really depends on the job. In most cases we will be able to move a few items of light furniture out of the way whilst we clean. If there are many large items of furniture that require moving – there will be a small surcharge added to the bill.

Yes, ideally if you want the job done to the best of our ability, then all furniture, kick plates in kitchens etc should be removed. However, don’t worry we will help you manage this.
Category: Carpet Cleaning

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