Cleansafe Solutions also clean curtains in-situ, whilst they are hanging. Just as effective as dry cleaning if not better, but think of all the benefits. The time customers save in taking down and re-hanging. Not just that, you will not be without you curtains for anytime whatsoever, thus your privacy is not compromised!

Curtains are a big feature for a lot of homes, taking up a lot of wall space and making a big impact in the room they occupy. Since curtains come in a huge range of sizes, styles and materials, cleaning is not often straightforward. An experienced hand is often required to provide the best cleaning solution. At Cleansafe Solutions, we’ve been providing professional curtain cleaning for customers throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands for over ten years and have developed what we believe is the best workflow for a range of different curtain types and style.

Safe curtain cleaning that gets results

At Cleansafe we’ve tested the vast majority of equipment and cleaning solutions on the market and built up considerable expertise on the most effective way to clean curtains without risking damage to the fabric. Many off-the-shelf fabric cleaners are only designed for specific fabrics and can damage others if not applied correctly. Working with Cleansafe Solutions you avoid all of these risks, you sleep easy knowing that only the best products for your curtains will be used, achieving outstanding cleaning results without risk to the colour or finish of the curtains. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what your curtains are made from, we’ll bring plenty of gear with us and make an assessment of the best approach once we’re on site.

Tackling smells and bacteria

Our curtain cleaning service is particularly effective at removing smells that have become trapped in their fabric. These smells could be from children, pets, smoke or even just the cooking. They’re not always easy to notice if you live amongst them, but what does tend to get noticed is the beautiful fresh scent of a home that is restored after the curtains have been cleaned. This also gets rid of any possible bacterial or pollen build up that cause sickness and irritate the breathing of asthma sufferers. Remember, we can achieve all this without even having to take the curtains down, so you enjoy results more quickly and with no inconvenience or loss of privacy.

Brighten up your curtains

Professionally cleaned curtains offer a huge improvement to the look and feel of a room. Seeing them everyday, it can be difficult to spot how much dust and dirt has built up on a pair of curtains. A professional clean can make a dramatic difference. Rooms that enjoy a lot of natural light particularly benefit. Once the build up dust has been tackled the colours of the fabric can really pop in the bright sunshine.

Professional curtain cleaning, without taking them down

Cleansafe Solutions can effectively and safely clean your curtains in-situ. Your curtains are thoroughly vacuumed and then treated with an appropriate micro-splitter, agitated and then extracted. Your curtains are cleaned as well as the conventional dry cleaning method, but with the extra confidence that there will not be shrinkage.

All fabric types can be cleaned!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can clean all varieties of curtains, including lined and double layered curtains.

Category: Curtain Cleaning

This varies, but generally your curtains will be dry within a couple of hours.

Category: Curtain Cleaning

Absolutely not, all cleaning solutions we use are 100% for use around the whole family.

Category: Curtain Cleaning

Yes, in the vast majority of cases we really can clean curtains without removing them from the window.

Category: Curtain Cleaning

Most curtain cleaning work can be completed in a few hours. For extremely large buildings with a number of different rooms it can take a little longer.

Category: Curtain Cleaning

No, our cleaning methods are safe and gentle, they should not affect the colour of your curtains.

Category: Curtain Cleaning

No, we are comfortable with cleaning all manner of delicate furniture and fabrics without damage. Our techniques are all tried and tested.

Category: Curtain Cleaning

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