One of the biggest investments you will make in your home is when purchasing upholstery and quite often is the main focal point in your room. When living on a day to day basis with something, you don’t always see the slow and gradual build up of soil in your furnishings.

Upholstery cleaning on a regular basis does several things. Firstly, it keeps the appearance looking fresh for you, your family and visitors to your home. Secondly, it will extend the life of your furnishings by removing the dry soil which can be quite abrasive to your fabrics.

Eliminate bacteria with our upholstery cleaning

Upholstery gets a lot of use, whether in homes or businesses, but not everyone realises that a professional clean is required every now and then to keep it fresh and healthy. Everyone, but especially those with young children or pets, can benefit from our professional upholstery cleaning service. Over time, bacteria and other harmful substances can build up on furniture and, whilst it’s not always possible to see with the naked eye, can irritate all manner of skin conditions and allergic reactions. On top of this, the fibres of upholstery can collect dust which becomes agitated when the furniture is used, a particular problem for asthma sufferers. Our upholstery cleaning service takes aim at this harmful problem, destroying bacteria, mites, bad smells and other unwelcome guests to leave your furniture and your home healthier and fresher than ever.

Cleaning services sympathetic to your unique upholstery

Furniture and upholstery tends to be one of the more significant investments in a home, so it’s important to be certain that any cleaning that is carried will look after it as much as possible. With a huge number of different fabrics and colouring methods out there it’s not always easy to find something that you can be confident will do the job properly at the local supermarket. In fact, if the wrong cleaning solution is used it can even discolour or damage the fabric of some upholstery beyond repair. Working with an experienced cleaning company like Cleansafe Solutions avoids such risks. We’ve carried out our professional upholstery cleaning service for hundreds of clients and are confident in providing the best cleaning solution, every time.

Quick drying upholstery cleaning solutions

We identify the correct cleaning method for your fabric by testing the colours and carrying out a shrinkage test. In the vast majority of cases your upholstery is cleaned by hot water extraction method, which provides the deepest clean possible. Our specialist upholstery cleaning hand tool cleans in a very gentle fashion ensuring no damage to your fabrics and at the same time recovering most of the freshwater rinse thereby reducing drying times. Quite often your upholstery will be dry within as little as 1 hour due to the cleaning techniques we use.

No soil

As well as providing a superb clean, the eco-friendly cleaning products we use at Cleansafe Solutions do not leave any soil attracting residues behind allowing you to go longer between cleans. Plus you have the benefits of knowing that any house or dust mites have been eliminated and also allergy triggering proteins have been broken down following our upholstery clean.

Once your upholstery has been cleaned we can apply a stain protection if you require which will help in maintaining the appearance of your furnishing should accidental spill occur and also extending its lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions

We may be able to repair small or minor damage, but we do not generally offer repair services for upholstery, only restoration and cleaning.

No, unfortunately we are not able to offer this service.

Yes we can, we’re also happy to offer advice on how to keep your freshly cleaned upholstery fresher for longer.

Yes, we can, we offer our services for every type of upholstery.

We can clean most sofas within a couple of hours.

Absolutely, we would be happy to, simply let us know what you would like doing.

This depends on lots of factors such as the density of the upholstery fibres being cleaned, the ambient temperature and air humidity, and air flow throughout the premises. Unlike many companies using underpowered equipment, our vacuum machine has the suction to get your upholstery almost dry after cleaning. We will recommend several ways to speed up the final drying stage, but with the heating on and some windows open, most of our customer’s upholstery are usually dry within an hour of us leaving. If for any reason we anticipate the drying process to take slightly linger (in unheated or unventilated rooms) we will speed up the drying process with high powered fans and air movers.

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