We offer numerous wood floor treatments ranging from a simple re-polish right through to a complete strip and polish. In many cases we can strip wooden floors without the need for sanding and all the inherent dust that such methods create. Our range of finishes are tailored to your exact requirements and include matt finishes right through to a high gloss.

Real wooden floors represent a significant investment for homes and businesses. They offer a beautiful warmth and natural appearance which is difficult to match. Nevertheless, wooden floors come with their own range of challenges and need professional care in order to ensure they last and remain looking great. Our range of services aims to solve all the problems of wooden floor care, from the smallest spruce up to a full refurbishment.

Why work with a profession wooden floor care company?

When we talk about wooden floors, we are in actual fact talking about a huge variety of different floor types. A number of different types of wood are used in wooden flooring and these are combined with a range of different finished, from soft, rustic farmhouse style untreated boards through to ultra high gloss polish. Many customers are looking to achieve a very specific type of finish and, owing to our many years in the cleaning industry, we’re able to offer the full range. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what type of wooden floor you have, or aren’t sure of the correct name for the style of finish you’d like. Our friendly technicians are always happy to have a chat and figure out exactly what it is that’s going to work best for your floor.

How does wooden flooring wear down?

Wood is made of layers of grain, which lends it a naturally uneven surface. Varnish is often used to seal this grain and guard against general wear and tear. Eventually, however, this varnish will wear down and the grain will become exposed. The uneven surface of wood grain is ideal for dust and dirt to cling to and can quickly build up without regular sweeping and hoovering. This process happens so gradually that it’s not always easy to notice, but many owners of wooden flooring remark that their floors appear to have become dull or have lost their shine. Professional cleaning will restore this shine, first by tackling any dust and dirt that has etched its way into the wooden floor, then by restoring and reinforcing the seal. Exactly how much of each step is required depends on the condition of the floor, so we always carry out a full assessment before work begins.

Use a sensitive approach to wooden floor cleaning

Be extremely careful if you’re planning on giving it a go yourself and never use a steam cleaner or a heavily moisture-based approach. Both of these can damage wooden flooring beyond repair. Sweeping, dusting and hoovering is the most effective way to battle common wear and tear to wood floors, beyond that it really is more economical to hire the services of a professional.

All the products we use are specifically matched for your individual type of flooring. With access to the latest in product development and the training we receive, you are assured of the very best from Cleansafe Solutions. Our services include floor maintenance plans to help you maintain your home or business floor covering in top condition and no job is too small or too large. So whether it’s a large commercial premises or a small kitchen floor in your home, we cater for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we do, give us a call to discuss your requirements and we’ll work out the best maintenance contract for you.

This varies depending on how many people use the space which the business occupies. Once a month can be sufficient, for busier premises a fortnightly clean may be better.

Yes, as well as commercial carpet cleaning we can also clean and maintain wooden flooring. We would be happy to cover both for you.

Yes, our staff are happy to display identification at all times for our commercial customers.

Absolutely, we work with a number of large businesses and are happy to co-ordinate with reception staff.

Absolutely, we understand that businesses need to keep moving, so we offer our commercial carpet cleaning service outside of regular office hours.

We generally do not carry out repairs to carpets, but if the damaged area is small or minor we may be able to help.

You will be amazed at the results of our service, as we use the best equipment and extensive training to deliver an outstanding cleaning service every time. Although we are highly trained in spot stain removal, there can be stains that are permanent, and we will do our best to identify these and warn you before hand. But in general, most of our customers are impressed by the effectiveness of our cleaning.

This really depends on the job. In most cases we will be able to move a few items of light furniture out of the way whilst we clean. If there are many large items of furniture that require moving – there will be a small surcharge added to the bill.

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