How long will it take to clean my sofa?

We can clean most sofas within a couple of hours.

Can you repair damage to my leather furniture?

If you have marks and scratches on your furniture then we can certainly help with this, however we do not provide a full repair service so if the damage is extensive we may not be able to completely solve the problem

Can you treat my leather to protect it from future wear and tear?

Yes, we can apply certain treatments to extend the lifespan of your leather furniture.

Can you clean my leather jacket?

No, our leather cleaning service is only for furniture and upholstery. Clothing often has different care requirements.

How often should my leather be cleaned?

This depends on how much use it gets. Generally, if it doesn’t look as good as it did when it was new, it will probably benefit from professional cleaning. For most people, once every 6 months or so is sufficient.

How soon after cleaning will I be able to use my leather furniture?

Right away. As soon as we’re done cleaning, your furniture will be ready to use.

My leather is dry and cracked, can you restore it?

Yes we can, this is exactly the kind of issue that our leather cleaning service aims to address, while we cannot guarantee that it will be exactly like knew we can make huge improvements that mean you don’t need to replace it.