Do you offer advice on how to maintain wooden floors after cleaning?

Yes we do, our technicians will be happy to suggest some tactics and products for getting the most out of your freshly cleaned wooden floor.

Can you fix discolouration to my wooden floor?

Yes we can, generally this is simply a result of ground in dust and dirt which our equipment will make light work of.

How often should my wooden floor be professionally serviced?

This depends on the amount of wear that the wood has to put up with. With light use once a year should suffice, with heavier use two or three times a year may be best.

Will cleaning my wooden floor create a lot of mess?

We try to keep all spaces we work in as tidy as possible during our work. Often wooden floors can be restored without creating huge quantities of dust. When sanding is required, we will always carry it out as considerately as possible, putting place appropriate protection for your home and furniture and we will of course clear up thoroughly after our work is completed.

Can you polish a wooden floor to a reflective finish?

Yes we can, the polish will be professional applied for a tough finish that resists wear and tear.

I’m not sure what my floor is made from, can you help?

Yes, please provide us with a description or a picture and we should be able to work it out and offer a cleaning solution.

Can you restore all types of wooden flooring?

Yes we can, we adapt our methods and solutions for different types of wood to get the rest results for each.

Can you clean lined curtains?

Yes, we can clean all varieties of curtains, including lined and double layered curtains.

How long will my curtains take to dry after cleaning?

This varies, but generally your curtains will be dry within a couple of hours.

Will cleaning my curtains use any chemicals which could affect my children or pets?

Absolutely not, all cleaning solutions we use are 100% for use around the whole family.

Can you really clean my curtains without taking them down?

Yes, in the vast majority of cases we really can clean curtains without removing them from the window.

How long will it take to clean my curtains?

Most curtain cleaning work can be completed in a few hours. For extremely large buildings with a number of different rooms it can take a little longer.

Will cleaning my curtains affect their colour?

No, our cleaning methods are safe and gentle, they should not affect the colour of your curtains.

My curtains are old and delicate, will your cleaning process damage them?

No, we are comfortable with cleaning all manner of delicate furniture and fabrics without damage. Our techniques are all tried and tested.

Can you repair damage to my upholstery?

We may be able to repair small or minor damage, but we do not generally offer repair services for upholstery, only restoration and cleaning.

Can you reupholster my furniture?

No, unfortunately we are not able to offer this service.